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Homeowner Info - Caring for Your Home

We can help you stay informed and keep track of maintenance for your home systems and appliances with our downloadable pdf documents. Simply download, print and keep on record for easy to use guidelines.

Home Maintenance Tips / Regular Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Tips / Regular Maintenance Checklist: Regular maintenance of your home’s systems and appliances will increase their efficiency and lower operating costs, as well as ensure longer equipment life.

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Extending the Life of Your Appliances

Follow these guidelines and tips to help extend the life of your home systems and appliances—it could save you the cost of unnecessary repairs or early replacement!

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Problems and Solutions

Check this 9 page handy guide full of helpful suggestions for many problems that may arise around the home.

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Go Green

Considering a home improvement project? Consider these 'green' suggestions to save time and money before you start any home improvement project.

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Know Your Valves

Where is it? How do I turn it off? Check out this quick reference sheet for locating and noting the location of the various gas, water, water heater valves, etc.

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Safety Checklist

A brief list of helpful suggestions that address some of the common issues that you may encounter around your home.

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