We protect that which is valuable to us.

A Fidelity National Home Warranty plan offers peace of mind to homeowners who are looking to avoid repair or replacement costs on a variety of household systems and appliances.

Repairs Can Be Costly

The complexity of modern homes, the aging of others, and the associated costs to keep them running smoothly can put a huge dent in anyone’s budget without a home warranty plan.

A Home Warranty Can Help

Home warranties are designed to cover the kinds of mechanical, plumbing and major appliance repairs that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t: clogged pipes, furnace failures, and appliances that go on the blink.

We Have You Covered

At Fidelity National Home Warranty, we pride ourselves on superior customer service, including quick response time and efficient solutions for homeowners’ problems and needs.

How it Works

When an appliance or major system in your home needs repair, you can count on us as your home warranty company to get it fixed so you can get on with your life. Requesting service is quick and easy.

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The Benefits of a Home Warranty

Fidelity National Home Warranty helps manage and protect your home expenses with protection plans that cover major systems and appliances. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, seller or current homeowner, a home warranty is a very affordable way to preserve peace of mind and to protect your most valuable asset! It is the type of investment that pays for itself. There is simply no substitute.

Help is only a phone call away! The benefits of a Fidelity National Home Warranty plan far outweigh the costs:

  • One call
  • One service fee
  • Most major systems & appliances covered under the basic plan
  • Superior customer service
  • Quick, efficient response time

The cost of a service plan is a smart investment to preserve your peace of mind!

A home warranty plan provides budget protection and peace of mind for home buyers who otherwise might not be able to handle unexpected repair bills at a time when they are usually least affordable. The benefits of a Fidelity National home warranty plan include:

  • Budget/cash flow protection on unexpected repairs
  • Convenience of one call, one small service fee and prompt response
  • Most major systems and appliances covered under the standard plan
  • Provides added home protection from costly repairs or replacement
  • Provides ongoing home protection — renewable year after year!
  • Full replacement of covered items — if we can't fix it, we'll replace it

Home warranties offer protection against costly repairs to sellers while the home is listed for sale, and peace of mind for the buyer (and seller) after the close of sale. In addition, homes listed with a home warranty are more attractive to potential buyers, and tend to sell faster and closer to the asking price. The benefits of a Fidelity National home warranty plan for someone trying to sell their home far outweigh the cost:

  • Value added incentive to attract buyers
  • Minimal cost — premium not paid until closing
  • Budget/cash flow protection on unexpected repairs
  • Reduced after sale worries — if a breakdown does happen after that closing, the buyer will call the warranty company, not the seller

Quick Fix Of The Month

Check out our monthly quick fix videos for common appliance issues that may occur in your home.

Find the Right Plan

We have many different plans that we customize to fit your needs. The following is a list of covered appliances and systems we offer.

Standard Coverage

Optional Coverage



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How do I renew my home warranty contract?

Call our Inbound Sales Department at 1-800-TO-COVER (1-800-862-6837) and we will be happy to renew your contract over the phone.

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How long will my home be under warranty?

Our home warranty policy is effective for one year upon receipt of payment. You will have an option to renew your home warranty if it is nearing expiration.

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Why do you verify my phone number and ZIP code each time I call for service?

We dispatch to technicians in your local area according to ZIP code. Having your correct ZIP code on your contract ensures that we will dispatch a nearby technician. Our customer service representatives are trained to verify your telephone number so the technician can reliably contact you for scheduling their work.

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