The 13-Month CRES Advantage

Home Warranty Plan

The 13-Month CRES Advantage Home Warranty Plan, underwritten, issued and administered by Fidelity National Home Warranty, provides extra protection to all sides of the real estate transaction and can be used as a great listing tool!

While anyone can order the CRES Warranty to get the Buyers 13 months of warranty protection, this plan’s unique E&O features are available only to Agents and Brokers that have their Errors and Omissions insurance with CRES Insurance.


Qualified Transactions Enjoy:


13 Months of Warranty Coverage for the Buyer


$50,000 of Seller's E&O Coverage via the Sellers Protection Plan (SPP)* Great for Listings!


A Possible Deductible Reduction of up to $5,000 on the Office's E&O Insurance with CRES*

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View your state specific warranty brochure for pricing and coverage.

The $50,000 Seller's E&O Certificate is a GREAT marketing piece to add to your listing presentation.

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What is a CRES Home Warranty?

What is the CRES Advantage Plan and how does it tie into your E&O with CRES? Watch this short video HERE.

For more information on the CRES Advantage Plan and its features or to schedule a quick meeting with our CRES Advantage expert by phone, virtual meeting, or in your office, simply contact your local Fidelity Home Warranty Sales Executive or contact us at

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*Seller's E&O (aka Seller's Protection Plan) coverage and other benefits provided by CRES Insurance Services are feature based and warranty specific. These benefits are offered by, and intended for, the members of the Real Estate Services Council Risk Purchasing Group, LLC. (RESCRPG). Certain restrictions apply. The CRES Advantage Plan is available in CA, TX, AZ, NV, UT, CO, ID, OR and WA.