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Our mission is to help Real Estate Agents maintain and grow their business by providing quality home warranty products with exceptional service.

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A 13-month CRES Advantage Home Warranty Plan provides extra protection to all sides of the real estate transaction. This unique plan and its special features is available to Agents and Brokers that are insured with CRES Insurance for their Errors and Omissions insurance. Watch our short CRES Advantage Video HERE.

Qualified transactions include:

  • 13 months of coverage for the Buyer
  • $50,000 of Sellers E&O coverage via the Sellers Protection Plan (SPP)*
  • An E&O deductible reduction of up to $5,000 on the office’s E&O with CRES*

The CRES Advantage Plan is underwritten, issued and administered by Fidelity National Home Warranty and is ordered through your local Sales Rep or homewarranty.com

*See CRES Website and E&O Policy for qualifications. Certain restrictions apply.

Visit the CRES Advantage Home Warranty Page

Disclosure Source NHD is the industry’s premier provider of natural hazard, tax and environmental information. These reports assist all parties in a real estate transaction by communicating statutorily required (and ancillary) disclosure information quickly and economically.

  • Proven technology and expertise in cartography
  • Financial strength and excess of twenty years serving the real estate industry make us uniquely qualified to assist your needs
  • $99 residential NHD reports can be ordered online or by phone, and inmost cases, delivered within an hour to all parties!


Fidelity National Home Warranty has teamed up with BPG Home Inspections to further protect all parties in the real estate transaction. BPG inspectors perform comprehensive home inspections on major visible structural and mechanical systems for homeowners and prospective buyers.

  • All BPG home inspections meet or exceed state licensing requirements and industry standards
  • Every property inspection is protected by a 90-Day Inspection Guarantee from the date of the inspection


FNHW has partnered with EC Purchasing to allow Real Estate Professionals to shop directly with a variety of national brands with exclusive discounts typically available only to large organizations. Receive significant discounts from an expanding list of companies that now include:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • DELL
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Hertz
  • Wyndham Hotels
  • 1-800-Flowers
  • Harry & David
  • HP
  • Enterprise
  • Radisson Hotel,
  • and more!


What is a Home Warranty - Image of parents and 2 kids laughing with a mess in the kitchen
What is a Home Warranty - Image of parents and 2 kids laughing with a mess in the kitchen
Why home warranties are essential - Image of a couple smiling and shaking hands with a real-estate agent
Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance. Image of a kitchen island and a metallic fridge in the background

The Benefits of a Home Warranty

A one-year home warranty service contract from Fidelity National Home Warranty covers the repair/and or replacement of a home's major appliances, mechanical & plumbing systems.

A home warranty is a very important aspect of the real estate transaction. It provides many benefits during the listing period, while the home is under contract, and after the close of sale.

  • Homes with home warranties can sell faster and closer to the asking price, minimizing marketing efforts
  • Free marketing tools to assist agents in building their business
  • Reduces after sale hassles — when a buyer experiences a breakdown, they call the warranty company, not the agent
  • Satisfied clients will generate increased repeat/referral business

Adding up the seller and buyer benefits, the Real Estate Professional can't go wrong in placing a home warranty on all their transactions.

Help is only a phone call away! The benefits of a Fidelity National Home Warranty plan far outweigh the costs:

  • One call
  • One service fee
  • Most major systems & appliances covered under the basic plan
  • Superior customer service
  • Quick, efficient response time

The cost of a service plan is a smart investment to preserve your peace of mind!

A home warranty plan provides budget protection and peace of mind for home buyers who otherwise might not be able to handle unexpected repair bills at a time when they are usually least affordable. The benefits of a Fidelity National home warranty plan include:

  • Budget/cash flow protection on unexpected repairs
  • Convenience of one call, one small service fee and prompt response
  • Most major systems and appliances covered under the standard plan
  • Provides added home protection from costly repairs or replacement
  • Provides ongoing home protection — renewable year after year!
  • Full replacement of covered items — if we can't fix it, we'll replace it

Home warranties offer protection against costly repairs to sellers while the home is listed for sale, and peace of mind for the buyer (and seller) after the close of sale. In addition, homes listed with a home warranty are more attractive to potential buyers, and tend to sell faster and closer to the asking price. The benefits of a Fidelity National home warranty plan for someone trying to sell their home far outweigh the cost:

  • Value added incentive to attract buyers
  • Minimal cost — premium not paid until closing
  • Budget/cash flow protection on unexpected repairs
  • Reduced after sale worries — if a breakdown does happen after that closing, the buyer will call the warranty company, not the seller


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How long has FNHW been in business?

The combined companies have been in business since 1974. Chicago Home Warranty (formerly Continental Home Warranty) was established in 1974 and purchased by Chicago Title in spring of 1999. Fidelity National Financial, Inc. purchased Fidelity National Home Warranty (formerly Western Home Warranty & Alliance Home Warranty) in August of 1998. First quarter of 2001, both companies now owned by Fidelity National Financial, Inc. formed Fidelity National Home Warranty (FNHW).

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Is FNHW affiliated with Fidelity National Title and Chicago Title?

Fidelity National Home Warranty (FNHW), Fidelity National Title and Chicago Title are all owned by Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

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When will the demand for payment be sent to escrow?

Demand for payment will be sent to escrow within one hour of placing an application in normal circumstances, but it can also be sent upon request.

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